Communications Workgroup

The Communications Committee aims to increase awareness of children's behavioral health in NH through coordination with the media, digital and social marketing, and special events.

Recent projects of the Communications Committee include:

For questions about this workgroup please contact Michele Watson, New Hampshire Family Network Coordinator at NAMI NH,

Members include:

Hannah Raiche - Youth MOVE

Kim Murdoch - NAMI NH

Shawn Blakey - Department of Health and Human Services

Bobbie Burgess - New Futures

Dellie Champagne - New Futures 

Colleen Dowling - Bi-State Primary Care Assoc.

Karen Ager - Endowment for Health

Robin deAlemida - Parent Information Center

Karen Jantzen - Riverbend CMHC

Holly Fenn - Reach 1 Teach 1 Love 1

Steve Boczenowski - Advocate

Ellen Desmond - Department of Education