Spark NH Early Childhood Advisory Council

New Hampshire has faced challenges in providing early childhood programs and services for youth. Rather than running as a coordinated system, it sometimes seemed New Hampshire was trying to run on just spare parts.

An "Orchestra" of coordination for children in New Hampshire

Spark NH was created to promote a comprehensive, coordinated system of early childhood programs and services. The result: the most efficient and productive outcomes. 

Spark NH’s work could be likened to creating an orchestra. They’ve invited talented players across New Hampshire to come together to produce something extraordinary for New Hampshire children (from birth through grade 3) and their families.

New Hampshire youth supports

Professionals in health, early learning and development, family leadership, and support sectors are collaborating like never before to better meet the needs of children.  

A comprehensive Early Childhood Strategic Plan

If Spark NH is an orchestra, the strategic plan is the score.

The comprehensive Early Childhood Strategic Plan coordinates how and when every part works together. Of course, how well our orchestra sounds depends on leadership that knows how to create harmony among all the parts, and dedicated practice by musicians who have the resources they need.

Contact Information

Visit our website to find out more about our work, how you could join our efforts or take action on behalf of young children and their families, or just find resources.  

We also invite you to Take the Pledge to show your commitment to ensuring that all NH children and their families are healthy, learning, and thriving.

Laura Milliken is the Director of Spark NH Early Childhood Advisory Council. If you have any questions please contact Laura or via phone at (603) 226-7900.