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Senate Bill 534, the major policy initiative of the Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative, working with Senator Jeanie Forrester, has passed two legislative milestones. On February 11, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted that the bill “ought to pass.” Then on March 3, the full Senate passed the bill. Both were moments that all Collaborative members can celebrate. The legislation next proceeds to House committees for approval.

O n February 10, the N.H. House of Representatives voted in favor of reauthorizing the N.H. Health Protection Program, continuing health insurance coverage for nearly 48,000 Granite Staters. Approximately 6,700 of these individuals will likely access treatment services for substance use disorders. The N.H. Health Protection Program is the single-most important tool New Hampshire has to address its opioid epidemic, our state’s number one public health crisis.

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The hour has come when we need to do the right thing as a state and provide the prevention, treatment and environment of recovery for those who are struggling.

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