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The New Hampshire Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative and the New Hampshire Health & Equity Partnership joined forces to offer a 40-hour Diversity & Cultural Competence train the trainer program. From January 7th through January 13th our partners from FAST Forward, Safe Schools/Healthy Students, Project Aware, Project LAUNCH, and the Bureau of Developmental Services (Family Centered Early Supports and Services) participated in this interactive training.

"While there are certainly children and youth who should receive psychotropic medications, states must have oversight and monitoring mechanisms to determine when this is - or is not - the case."

The following blog is a response to another blog posted on the Morning Zen - SAMHSA is under attack

Today's NH4Youth blog is the landing page for hope.

Hope is what the Children's Behavioral Health Collaborative website is all about.

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I watched the Communications and Social Marketing Workgroup work hard to identify who would visit the site and what they would be looking for.