Testify on the State Budget

NH lawmakers are currently weighing the state budget. Show up to ask them to fund an integrated and comprehensive system of care that includes statewide access to mobile crisis services!

Budget Hearings:

Laconia: Monday, March 11th, 5:00 p.m.
Lakes Region Community College
379 Belmont Road, Laconia

Milford: Monday, March 11th, 5:00 p.m.
Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley
56 Mont Vernon Street, Milford

Concord: Monday, March 18th, 1:00 p.m.
State House, Representatives Hall
107 North Main Street, Concord

Email Becky Whitley at rwhitley@new-futures.org to let us know you're coming!

Overall Budget Ask: Fund an integrated and comprehensive system of care for children which includes statewide access to mobile crisis services.

Click here for talking points about mobile crisis services.

Note: The passage of SB 14 is a high priority to support kids with behavioral health needs. An integrated and comprehensive system of care and statewide access to mobile crisis services are laid out in the bill. You should encourage lawmakers on the House Finance Committee to look to SB 14.

Tips for Budget Hearings

  1. Arrive early! You want to sign in to testify as early as possible.
  2. Keep your testimony short and sweet! These hearings typically run for many hours with testimony on many different topics. 
  3. Make your ask clear: fund statewide mobile crisis services this year.
  4. Share your personal story. Briefly illustrate the need for mobile crisis services in our state.
  5. Bring written testimony. With limited time to summarize your testimony in front of the committee, having written testimony to hand in will help lawmakers remember your points.

We're happy to help! Email rwhitley@new-futures.org for support with your testimony. See you there!