Building Capacity Throughout NH

Buiding Capacity Throughout NH
By Amy Parece-Grogan

The New Hampshire Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative and the New Hampshire Health & Equity Partnership joined forces to offer a 40-hour Diversity & Cultural Competence train the trainer program. From January 7th through January 13th our partners from FAST Forward, Safe Schools/Healthy Students, Project Aware, Project LAUNCH, and the Bureau of Developmental Services (Family Centered Early Supports and Services) participated in this interactive training.
Participants began by engaging in discussions and activites designed to educate about culture and diversity. They quickly moved into the core of the program:

• Adult Learning Principles
• Facilitative Training Model
• Learning Styles
• Experiential Learning Cycle

Participants learned some tips and tricks for handling:

• complex content
• challenging situations
• difficult participants
• uncomfortable discussions

Lastly, all participants had the opportunity to deliver two skill practices. Each attendee facilitated a 10-minute segment of the training as well as a 30-minute segment and then received feedback from colleagues. All twenty-three participants received a certificate of completion and are ready to begin training within their domain. Some already have training scheduled!
This collaboration between the Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative and the Health & Equity Partnership also allowed six experienced trainers to be trained as Master Trainers. Now the New Hampshire Health & Equity Partnership has the ability to continue to train new Diversity & Cultural Competence trainers in various settings and professions thoughout the state!

If you are interested in learning more about this training, please contact Amy Parece-Grogan at

Amy Parece-Grogan is the Behavioral Health Cultural & Linguistic Competence Coordinator in the Office of Minority Health & Refugee Affairs in the NH Department of Health and Human Services.