The Governor’s Commission

NH strategy to reduce alcohol and other drug misuse, and to promote recovery

New Hampshire has some of the highest rates of youth use of alcohol and marijuana, and non-medical use of pain relievers.

The Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery is working to address these problems as public health issues that are preventable and treatable. 


The Commission was created by the New Hampshire legislature in 2000 and revised in 2014.

One of the Commission’s jobs was to create a statewide plan for effective prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, particularly among youth in New Hampshire.

Collective Action, Collective Impact

The Collective Impact plan includes recommendations to improve behavioral health services across the continuum of prevention, treatment, and recovery.

The Commission envisions a New Hampshire where high-quality services for prevention and treatment are widely available. The Governor’s Commission formally endorses the Children’s Behavioral Health Plan as the mechanism to improve services for youth and families.

The Governor’s Commission has three main duties:

  1. Establish and implement a State Plan to address alcohol and other drugs.
  2. To oversee disbursement of the Alcohol Fund to support substance use services. 
  3. Advise the Governor and legislative leaders on budget and policy issues for alcohol and other drugs.

Commission Members

Joe Harding, at the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, is the Executive Director of the Governor’s Commission. Tym Rourke is the Chairman.

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