Progress on Senate Bill to Establish a System of Care in NH

The Collaborative’s priority legislation is working its way through the legislative process. Senate Bill 534 is the result of years of work by representatives of state agencies, local providers, school districts, and child advocates. This work culminated in drafting legislation with our lead sponsor, Senator Jeanie Forrester, last year.

Senate Bill 534 is a cornerstone to advancing the work of the Collaborative on our strategic plan. The bill 534 directs the Departments of Education and of Health and Human Services to start establishing a system of care for children's behavioral health in New Hampshire. This approach to children's services is a proven way to improve the lives of children and their families while reducing the use of less effective restrictive, disruptive, and expensive interventions. A system of care approach gives youth and their families a strong voice in the way their care is provided, which increases their engagement and improves outcomes. The bill is sponsored by a bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives and supported by the Departments of Education and of Health and Human Services, NAMI NH, the Community Behavioral Health Association, the NH Hospital Association, and other organizations.


Currently, the bill is working its way through the House. Updates on the bill’s progress will be published in this e-news, as well as on the Collaborative Facebook page at NH 4 Youth.